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Our centers are located in vibrant business communities throughout South Carolina and Ohio, each with their own unique character.


Tenants’ needs are our first priority. Each building has on-site management and maintenance staff, ample parking, conference spaces, and common areas.


Building space ranges from single offices to full floors. Your space will suit the needs of your employees and your business.

The different types of slot machines

Online casino gaming rooms offer a wide range of slot machines. Each of them has its own special features – things you need to know in order to increase your chances of winning or simply to make the game more exciting – especially since slot machine software developers have focused their efforts in recent years on the visual and audio aspects of slot machines. Often you will be offered a few of these famous free spins to try out a new slot machine, free spins as they say among the initiated. Finally, there are also several ways to bet. Let’s have a look at all these possibilities.

Three-reel slot machines: another world

Yes, another world. It’s not even about the difference in graphics, we’ll talk about that further on in the article, but about the design of a slot machine between two eras. It’s quite fascinating to see how the evolution of technology accompanies, or perhaps directs, the evolution of the way of thinking and designing an object. This is not a bias. Evolution is a neutral term. Everyone will make up their own mind and it is by playing that they will find the slot machine of their dreams, or at least one that will meet their expectations. The 3D slot machine, beyond evoking the old days, still has a card to play. Make no mistake, if online casinos continue to offer them, it is because there is still a lucrative market for them. Three-reel slots have a clear advantage over five-reel slots. Simplicity: With only three reels, basic features, meaning you won’t find any or very few three-reel slots with wilds and scatters. Anyone can see that the object of the game is to get three cherries, three identical items. The paytable is simple. The combinations are simple. This is the slot for purists. No blah, no blah, no explosions, no cascading reels… It’s also a good option for beginners to get their feet wet with a simpler online slot that can serve as a gateway and tutorial for anyone who hasn’t touched an online or even a real slot. There are rarely more than 10 possible commissions. Betting is simpler, there is no question of betting on lines. Most of the time everything happens on the centre reels.